What is the Blossom Brush?

(Patented and Trademarked in multiple countries)

The Blossom Brush is the world's first and only patented vaginal brush.
The Blossom Brush gives people with periods an option during that time of the month. It is not a necessity, but an option that many users have found beneficial.  
The Blossom Brush is intended for once a day use while on your period and up to 3 days after your period.
The Blossom Brush helps remove lingering blood and residual tampon shedding left in the vagina during menstruation. 
The Blossom Brush is not a medical device, it is a hygiene product. The Blossom Brush does not treat medical conditions, and if you have a medical condition please see your healthcare provider.  
The Blossom Brush when added to your menstrual routine, may lead to the use of less menstrual products during your period. 
The Blossom Brush has very soft and bendable angled colorless silicone rubber grooves, which help capture and remove lingering blood and tampon shedding from the inside of the vaginal walls.  
The Blossom Brush is made of medical grade, colorless, liquid silicone rubber, which is the same expensive material used for premium menstrual cups. The Blossom Brush is smaller than most sex toys and thinner in diameter than most tampons.  
The Blossom Brush should be cleaned before and after use with a pH balanced or hypoallergenic soap, and rinsed with water to avoid vaginal irritation. The Blossom Brush can also be boiled in water for 5 minutes for those who are sensitive to soaps. Please refer to our How to Use and Clean Section.
While in the shower or bathtub, the colorless rubber portion of the Blossom Brush should be slowly and gently inserted into the vaginal canal, as a tampon would be inserted. Gently brush the Blossom Brush grooves along the vaginal walls and rinse the Blossom Brush under the faucet in between insertions. The Blossom Brush should only take about 15-30 seconds to use in the shower. 

Do not use the Blossom Brush for any orifice other than your vagina.
Do not  use the Blossom Brush for your urinary tract. 
Do not use the Blossom Brush for your anus or rectum. Do not use the Blossom Brush for your cervix.
Do not use the Blossom Brush if you feel any pain while inserting.

Do not use the Blossom Brush as a sex toy.
Do not share your Blossom Brush with anyone. 

The Blossom Brush is not a medical device. Please talk to your health care provider if you have any vaginal health concerns, before trying the Blossom Brush. 

Please Refer to our How to Use and Clean Section to learn more.