How to use & clean

How do I use the BLOSSOM BRUSH?

  • The Blossom Brush should not be used in people who are pregnant or up to 12 weeks postpartum.

  • The Blossom Brush is recommended one Blossom Brush for every 6 cycles , but must boil for 5 minutes in-between cycles. ALWAYS wash your brush before and after use with a hypoallergenic or pH balanced soap. Do not leave soap on the brush before insertion. 



The BLOSSOM BRUSH should be washed thoroughly with hypoallergenic or pH balanced soap, and rinsed all soap off before inserting into the vagina. Get into a comfortable position before insertion. One leg up is recommended. Make sure the BLOSSOM BRUSH is kept in an upright position during use, like a tampon, with the clear silicone rubber grooves entering the vagina. Do not forcefully use the BLOSSOM BRUSH. If you experience discomfort during insertion do not continue to insert. In general, do not use the BLOSSOM BRUSH if you feel severe discomfort during or after using the BLOSSOM BRUSH. Do not use the BLOSSOM BRUSH if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.


1. Do not wash your BLOSSOM BRUSH until you are ready to use it.
2. Wash your hands prior to using the BLOSSOM BRUSH.
3. Get into a comfortable position, while in the shower or bathtub.
4. While in the shower or bath tub, clean the BLOSSOM BRUSH before usage with either a pH balanced feminine hygiene soap or a light hypoallergenic soap. Use your hands to scrub the BLOSSOM BRUSH on any part that will be inserted into the vagina, especially in between the grooves, with the soap.
5. Rinse the BLOSSOM BRUSH under the shower head or faucet thoroughly. 
6. Just like a tampon, gently insert the BLOSSOM BRUSH into the vagina with grooves facing up, while holding the handle. Only insert the clear side of the BLOSSOM BRUSH.  Do not insert past the clear portion of the BLOSSOM BRUSH.
7. Gently brush the grooves along the sides of the vaginal walls, while pulling out any old blood and tampon shedding. Gently brush the vaginal walls at various angles and do not persist with the grooves in one side of the vagina.  Do not twist or twirl the BLOSSOM BRUSH inside the vagina.
8. Rinse off residual blood and tampon shedding on the BLOSSOM BRUSH in between insertions.
9. Repeat steps 4 - 8 until there is nothing left on your BLOSSOM BRUSH after cleaning. Always rinse your vagina externally (vulva) with water once you are done with using the BLOSSOM BRUSH.  



Do not clean the BLOSSOM BRUSH until you are ready to use it and follow the directions  as noted above. Some people may temporarily feel mild irritation (mild itchiness, discomfort, dryness) after using the BLOSSOM BRUSH. This may be due to a soap sensitivity. If you know that you are sensitive to soap or believe that you may be sensitive to soap, please carefully boil the BLOSSOM BRUSH for 5 minutes prior to your first usage. Be very careful when handling the BLOSSOM BRUSH after boiling to prevent any burns. Use tongs to pick up the brush from the boiling water on the handle and not the silicone rubber grooves. Wait 20 minutes after boiling the BLOSSOM BRUSH before using it to ensure that the brush has cooled down. If boiling the BLOSSOM BRUSH does not alleviate your sensitivity after usage you may have an allergy to one of the ingredients and should discontinue using the BLOSSOM BRUSH. The BLOSSOM BRUSH can be used for up to 6 cycles if cleaned and stored properly.  The BLOSSOM BRUSH should be discarded after 6 cycles to reduce the risk of biofilm development on the brush.



When storing the BLOSSOM BRUSH it is recommended to place the BLOSSOM BRUSH in a small clean cup or on your shower shelf where you would place your razor with the handle side touching the shelf. The silicone rubber grooves should be upright, and not touching any surfaces. Do not leave the silicone rubber grooves of the BLOSSOM BRUSH laying on the sink, shower, tub counter, or any other flat surface.



DO NOT FLUSH THE BLOSSOM BRUSH DOWN THE TOILET.  Place the BLOSSOM BRUSH in an appropriate waste container.


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